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My Video – Leaving Hamilton By Ferry To Go Back To The Cruise Ship

In this video that I made, you will see Hamilton as viewed from onboard the ferry that we took back to the cruise ship.  I don’t like my voice at all in this video, but decided to just go ahead and leave it in.  Sometimes, I use Garage Band to do an introduction to my video, but this time I left it all natural – my voice as it was on that day.  Isn’t it funny how we often don’t like to hear our own voices whether it’s on the telephone answering machine, or on video?

Hamilton is very picturesque.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Bermuda


My Video – Enchantment Of The Seas to Bermuda – Hamilton (Part One)

Hamilton, Bermuda is a very colorful place.  You will marvel at all the colors – be it the colors of the homes or of the businesses in downtown Hamilton.  In my video that I made just two days ago, you will see our taxi driver and hear an authentic Bermudian accent, and you will see as we go past the Clock Tower Mall in Kings Wharf.  Then you’ll see Gibbs Lighthouse, as well as many colorful Bermudian buildings and homes along the way.  You will then see downtown Hamilton, and the Hamilton Ferry Building.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Thank you for watching my video, and please don’t forget to press “like” on You Tube – if you like it!  I would appreciate it.

My Video of the Pink Sands of Bermuda

Sand is nice no matter what color it is, most people prefer golden-colored sand or white sand.  I never thought about pink sand until I went to Bermuda.  My video doesn’t show just the pink sands, but the turquoise blue of the ocean, and the swaying of the palm trees… shows the beautiful paradise that is Bermuda.

This video will show you two beaches – Horseshoe Bay Beach, and Warwick Long Bay/Jobson’s Cove Beach.  I also added some nice music so that you can completely relax while watching it.  After that, you can dream of your next vacation, and you never know……it just might be to Bermuda!

You will see the couple in the picture below taking their stroll along the beach – I took their picture prior to the video taping.

Warwick Long Bay/Jobson’s Cove Beach, Bermuda

Then my daughter taped some of the video footage, while the taxi driver was ready with my camera to take a picture of me and the kids.  Somehow, the sand doesn’t look that pink in this picture.

Warwick Long Bay/Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

When you watch the video, I hope you will see how beautiful Bermuda is.   I hope you like my video.

My Video of Snorkel Beach and Kings Wharf, Bermuda

I’m not sure if many of you are into snorkelling – I have never tried it, nor can I tell anything about it – but I can show you a video that I made of a place called Snorkel Beach – it’s in Snorkel Park, Bermuda.

This is the entrance to the beach, and if you watch the end of the video, upon exiting Snorkel Beach, you will see the narrow path I talked about in a previous post, that led to a rather unpleasant incident – yes, it happened right on the street you’ll see in the video, which is also on the same road as the one shown in the picture below.

Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

Snorkel Beach is quite different to Horseshoe Bay Beach or Warwick Long Bay – the other two beaches I saw in Bermuda – it doesn’t have pink sand, but it is still a lovely beach.

Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

You will get a better feel for this particular beach by watching my video – sometimes pictures capture the essence of a place really well, but sometimes a video can do it even better.  I hope you enjoy the video.

My Video Of The Enchantment Of The Seas – Midnight Buffet

There is no shortage of food on a cruise, there are restaurants galore, buffets that go on all day long, and specialty restaurants for those who want something other than the food in the main dining room every night.  There are snack shops, and even specialty coffee shops selling you your favorite Starbucks drinks.  You can even get Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream on a cruise ship!

Did you know you can get a chocolate and dessert buffet at least once during most cruises?  On the Enchantment Of The Seas, we had our dessert and chocolate buffet on Day 4 of the cruise – on Monday, August 6, 2012.  This special buffet started at 10:45 pm, and finished at around midnight.  Location?  The main deck – around the swimming pool.  Here’s what the pool looked like that night.

Main Swimming Pool, Enchantment Of The Seas

Here’s just some of the desserts:

Chocolate and Dessert Buffet – Enchantment Of The Seas

There was also fruit!

Midnight Buffet – Enchantment Of The Seas

Who can resist chocolate or dessert?  Certainly not me!  Watch out, you might be heading for a midnight buffet of your own!  Thank you for watching the video that I made.

My Video Of The Enchantment Of The Seas

I just finished uploading my video today, and hope you will like it.  This video shows many areas around the Enchantment Of The Seas, and it shows the Sailing Away Party, in addition to the Farewell Party.  What was interesting was that many people danced during the Sailing Away Party, when there was regular Western music, but as soon as Bhangra music was played, there was just one person dancing.  I had to show this in my video  – because I  love Bhangra, as well as Bollywood, but I also love many types of Western music.  Okay, I will admit that there weren’t as many Indian people on this cruise ship as I’ve seen on other cruise ships, but you would think that Bhangra music should have caught on by now.  Bhangra music has a very catchy beat, and it’s hard to resist moving when you hear this wonderful music.

Other than the Sailing Away Party, I also showed the Captain’s Reception, some of the entertainment in the Centrum, and the common areas, including the main pool, Schooners Bar, and the Solarium.

Anyway, I hope you will watch my video, and remember……cultural enrichment can brig you joy!

Main Swimming Pool – Enchantment Of The Seas

Bermuda Can’t Just Be A One Time Visit!

The Bermudian, Bermuda

Here are some last pictures of when we sailed away from Kings Wharf in Bermuda on August 7th, 2012.

Kings Wharf, Bermuda

Let’s catch the Dockyards one last time through the port-hole window of the cruise ship!  You will see the reflection of Clock Tower Mall.

And here is the Clock Tower Mall in all it’s glory!

Kings Wharf, Bermuda

Kings Wharf, Bermuda

We also saw the Norwegian Dawn yet again, and I just had to take pictures.

Norwegian Dawn in Bermuda

Norwegian Dawn in Bermuda

Well goodbye Bermuda, I will try to make it back to you so that I can take more pictures of your beautiful country next time.  You certainly can’t be just a one time visit!